Design & Engineering

Composite specialists are best suited to design components for handling, storing and processing corrosive or abrasive liquids and gases. Composite material engineers must consider the resin, glass and synthetic material used, the various corrosion barriers and other features unique to every composite fabrication and piece. They design the corrosion resistant liner and structural wall, which have unique chemical and structural design parameters, based on the product, application and design requirements.

At Plasticon Composites, our certified engineers analyze each project individually to ensure the right composite materials are used for the job. The right material selection is critical to a product's long-term performance. 

Plasticon Composites designs, manufactures, installs standard and custom FRP and dual laminate products for your specific needs. Our experienced, multilingual staff consisting of a team of engineers and technical support specialists assist customers in the early planning and design stages. The end result is an engineered system that reduces lifecycle costs.