Dual Laminate Tanks

For 60 years, Plasticon Composites has supplied dual laminate tanks and process equipment up to 300,000 US gallons. Dual laminate construction combines a plastic reinforced liner with a fiberglass structure. We supply standard and custom solutions as per user requirements. All Plasticon’s tanks include detail engineering, fabrication and installation of the components. Our dual laminate tanks come in a vast array of different sizes, shapes, styles and tank configurations and corrosion liners (custom tank fabrication table). For mildly corrosive applications, fiberglass tanks may be the best option for you.

Combining the strength of FRP and the chemical resistance of plastics, dual laminate is often a superior choice to metals, rubber-lined, glass-lined and metallic alloys; in cost savings, durability and performance.

Note: Plasticon does not supply dual laminate tanks for flammable liquids or underground applications.
Suitable Contents: harsh chemicals, strong acids, bases, chlor alkali, sodium chlorate, high purity products, etc

Dual Laminate Benefits

  • Increased equipment life
  • Safe and economical solution
  • Higher corrosion & abrasion resistance
  • Less expensive than metal alloys (ie. Hastelloy, Titanium, etc)
  • Built for harsh/extreme corrosive environments
  • Light weight fabrication

Custom Dual Laminate Tanks

  • Designed for safe and long lasting chemical storage
  • Custom-engineered tanks built to last
  • Made with fiberglass and a corrosion barrier liner
  • No maintenance or repairs 
  • Safe and economical solution
  • Quick and easy installation

Accessories Included

  • 24” manway with cover
  • Lifting/hold down lugs, anchoring
  • Vent, drain, inlet and outlet, and overflow

Optional Tank Accessories

  • Insulation and heat tracking system
  • Plateforms or anti-slip layers
  • Ladders, railings and walkways
  • Pumps and valves
  • Level Indicators
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe support system

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