Piping systems

For 60 years, Plasticon Composites has supplied quality fiberglass (FRP) and dual laminate piping systems from 25 to 1250mm. All Plasticon Composites' piping systems include detailed engineered, manufacturing, transportation, and installation of the components. Our pipes and fittings are specifically designed for lasting performance in corrosive environments.

Depending on the application and design conditions, fiberglass (FRP) or dual laminate (DL) will be used. Composite pipes are often more economical and easier to install on-site. Combining the strength of FRP and the chemical resistance of plastics provides our customers with superior alternatives to metals, rubber-lined, glass-lined and metallic alloys in cost savings and long-term performance.

Custom Piping Fabrication Table


 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

 Dual Laminate (ie. PVC/FRP)

 Pipe Types


 Single Wall

 Fabrication Methods

 Filament Winding
 Contact Molded

 Spray Chop
 Tape Wound

 Pipe Shapes



 Pipe Supports

Fixed pipe supports

 Hanging pipe supports

 Corrosion Liners
 (dual laminate)


 Mod. PTFE

 Liner Resistance



 Pipe Accessories

 Tees and crosses
 Flow gages 

 Pumps and valves
 Insulation and heat tracing
 Pipe fittings

 Industrial Applications

 Potable Water
 Waste Water
 Food, Beverage, Oils
 Fertilizers and pesticides
 High-Purity Products

 Chlor Alkali

 Industries & Markets

 Chemical Processing
 Water & Wastewater
 Food & Beverage
 Mining & Metals
 Power Generation

 Technology & Electronics
 Odor control

 Standards Met




 ISO 9001:2015 


 Quality Tests

 Visual Inspection
 Barcol Hardness Test
 Spark Test

 Dimensional Test
 Acetone Test
 Pressure Test (+/-)


Other Products

Vents and ducting
Process equipment
Storage tanks
FRP pultrusions

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