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Plasticon Composites can design, supply, assemble and install ducts, chimney liners and stacks at plants. We are experienced in providing fiberglass ducts for all local and international markets, especially for the power market for the FGD and CCS processes. Our fiberglass ducts can be manufactured on site or in one of our workshops. We assemble ducts from the absorber to the chimney or cooling water tower. Plasticon Composites supplies FRP ducts from different diameters, while our on site winding machine can deliver ducts of 12 metres Ø (in diameter).

Plasticon Composites fiberglass ducts are often used to transport gases from one process to the other. The chimney FRP liners also transport gases to a higher level where it can be released to the environment without harming or having a major impact on the local environment.

Plasticon Composites designs and construct the fiberglass ducts, chimney FRP liners and FRP stacks by using the Finite Element Method (FEM analysis) to meet the highest requirements and ensure a perfect quality and safety product.

Plasticon Composites has designed products for application at a temperature of 150˚C!

The advantages of FRP (over other materials):

  • High mechanical strength
  • Low weight
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and to atmospheric environments
  • Dimensional stability
  • Very high thermal insulation
  • Excellent resilience to temperature
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient

Our fiberglass ducts can be executed with:

  • 90° Elbow with internal vanes
  • Segmented elbow
  • Transition pieces
  • Ladders and condensate drainage
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Manholes

Other Products

FRP piping
Process equipment
Tanks & vessels
FRP pultrusions


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