Dual Laminate

Dual laminate is a composite material with 60 years of proven industrial usage. It offers a lasting corrosion protection compared to expensive metal alloys like Hastelloy and Titanium. Dual laminate is used to handle highly corrosive gases, fluids, and solids. It is also used to handle high-purity products.

When fiberglass isn't sufficient, dual laminate is used instead.

Benefits of Dual Laminate Fabrication

  • Superior corrosion / abrasion resistance 
  • Safe and cost-effective solution 
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Non-conductive material 
  • Maintenance-free option
  • Light weight material
  • Good high-purity resistance
  • Long service life (30+ years) 

Dual Laminate Fabrication Process

Dual laminate combines the superior corrosion resistance of thermoplastics or fluoropolymers with the mechanical strength and versatility of FRP. The plastic liner is thermoformed and welded and then the FRP is chemically or mechanically bonded to create a high-performance dual laminate product. Plasticon has improved its production to achieve an adhesion between liner and FRP of more than 7 N/mm2. 

Thermoplastic or Fluoropolymer Liners 


max. 60°C


max. 60-70°C


max. 85°C


max. 90°C


max. 100°C


max. 110°C


max. 140°C


max. 160°C


max. 180°C

Modified PTFE, e.g. TFM

max. 200°C

60 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Hands-on experience and technical expertise is key in fabricating high-quality dual laminate products. Plasticon Composites first introduced dual laminate technology to the chemical industry in 1952. We have been fabricating dual laminate equipment ever since. Plasticon is your ideal partner for all your FRP and dual laminate equipment.

Major Industries using Dual Laminate

  • Chemical processing
  • Water and wastewater
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Semiconductor
  • Chlor-alkali 

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