Paques B.V. - Multiple FRP Biogas Equipment (2015)

Paques B.V. & EBI Énergie Inc., St-Thomas, QC, Power.
On July 2015, Plasticon Canada Inc. was awarded several contracts by Paques B.V. and EBI Énergie Inc. to supply multiple biogas process equipment for EBI’s plant located in St-Thomas, Quebec. This was part of a landfill gas waste-to-energy project. Plasticon...

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22-Ton Fiberglass Biogas Reactor Installation (Plasticon).png

Mississippi Power – Ductwork for WAS Scrubber System (2012)

Mississippi Power Company, Plant Kemper Country IGCC, DeKalb, Mississippi, Power.
Plasticon Canada Inc. supplied a large order of custom FRP Dual laminate ductwork and fittings for the Kemper County IGCC Project. The project’s aim was to build a new Power Plant Equipment for Mississippi Power Company’s Mississippi IGCC Lignite Gasification, located in DeKalb, Mississippi.

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lined-ECTFE scrubber duct_dual laminate.JPG

Ovivo - Ultra High Purity Water System (2014)

Ovivo USA LLC., Global Foundries, Malta, New York, Technology & Electronics.
Plasticon Canada Inc. was heavily implicated in the Ovivo Water Treatment Project. The project aim was to build an Ultra High Purity Water system for Global Founderies, a global leader in electronic wafer production. Since these tanks are used in the...

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Formosa Plastics Corp. - Dual Laminate Manifolds (2014)

Formosa Plastic Corp., USA, Point Comfort, TX, USA, Chemical processing.
Plasticon Canada Inc. supplied a crate full of dual laminate manifolds and headers to Formosa Plastics Corporation, USA. These dual laminate manifolds ranged from 2” to 8” in diameter. The reason why dual laminate material was used is due to its proven...

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dualam manifolds.JPG

Greenlane Biogas - Multiple Biogas Projects 2014

Greenlane Biogas, Terrebonne, Quebec, Power.
Plasticon Canada Inc. was heavily implicated in multiple Greenlane Biogas Projects. These projects were part of a massive technological and facility upgrades for six different manufacturing clients. Plasticon Canada was originally selected to supply 7...

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frp stripper vessels_on site at BFI.JPG

MVA Karlsruhe

MVA Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Waste incineration.
Plasticon Composites supplied a full package of process equipment and storage tanks at a large waste incineration plant in Germany. The package included two special engineered horizontal gaswashers made of PP-GRP material which are of exceptional design.

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